Strange Magic (2015)

Strange Magic is an animated jukebox musical written by George Lucas. It wasn’t marketed super well so hearing this may give mixed reactions. At work, I have had to watch this movie twice and after hearing the odd thing about it, I went in with pretty low expectations and boy oh boy. For my first review, it may be interesting to note that this is the worst film I’ve seen this year. The first viewing had me cringing almost the whole way through meanwhile, sighing as my life had left me to watch this annoying cesspool of poor acting and bland writing. The second had me wanting to die leaving everyone watching the film to go on their phones unsupervised.

The premise is stupid. There are two kingdoms, the fairy kingdom and the dark forest. Already you can see the lack of subtlety shining through. Anyways, at spring, primroses line the border of the kingdoms and those primroses are used to make the love potion (plot device) which makes anyone you throw it at fall in love with you. For understandable reasons, the people of the Dark Forest don’t want these potions to be made but regardless they’re the bad guys so this plot device is a good thing somehow. Meanwhile the fairy people squabble about cheating and arranged marriages and stuff. There’s also an elf and an imp who just sort of do stuff. While necessary to the plot, I can’t be bothered paying too much attention to them.

The characters all seem bipolar, switching personalities within seconds. They also sing occasionally, and when they do, they absolutely butcher songs from the likes of Elvis and Deep Purple and even lesser artists like Whitney Houston and Kelly Clarkson. By the second half of the film, you can see where the plot is heading and it is as cringe inducing as you might expect.

The guy who wrote this made American Graffiti and Star Wars. He was influenced by classic westerns and Akira Kurosawa in his earlier career. The last 16 years or so have clearly been quite brutal. I’m still hopeful for a return to form one day. This was not it.


This film gets a great big 1/5.